Carrera Construction offers assistance with budgeting your project. No matter the project's current stage, Carrera can compile a comprehensive budget and schedule to help reflect the true cost and duration of the project. We will also point out potential milestones while implementing proven construction methods and strategies to help streamline your project to a smooth and cost effective end result.

Design Build:

Design-Build is defined as a method of project delivery in which one entity (the design-build team) works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. This helps to streamline the construction process as one entity, contract, and create one unified flow of work. This method re-integrates the roles of designer and constructor, ultimately simplifying the entire construction process with a trifecta of collaboration between the owner, designer and Carrera Construction.

Value Engineering:

Value engineering is a systematic method to improve the "value" of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. In other words we evaluate the construction process and identify areas where alternative methods or materials can increase sustainability and/or reduce cost and time while maintaining the same end visual and functional appearance.

Value engineering is sometimes taught within the project management or industrial engineering body of knowledge as a technique in which the value of a system’s outputs is optimized by crafting a mix of performance and costs. In most cases this practice identifies and removes unnecessary expenditures, thereby increasing the value for the manufacturer and/or their customers.


Carrera Construction is a quality driven company serving Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. We have proven success with new building construction, additions, renovations, and fast-paced tenant finish projects.


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